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"People Learn More When They Are Laughing Than When They Are Asleep."  Confucious (or not)

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We spend YEARS in college learning to be the best chiropractor we can be.  Hours upon hours are spent studying anatomy, physiology, neurology and the rest.  We practice giving each other adjustments until our hands are swollen.  We get good at adjusting patients - really, really good.

And then we finally get into practice.  Real patients.  Real miracles.

                 AND NOW WE HAVE TO DOCUMENT?

Let's face it.  Most chiropractors would much rather spend their time learning a new method of treatment than on how to document properly.  It could be a new kind of adjustment, a really cool new modality - anything that can help us get more patients well.  That's our nature.

We all know, though, that we have to document better.  As chiropractic as evolved over the years, so have documentation requirements.  There's a lot to know - the Problem Oriented Medical Record, the P.A.R.T. format of documentation and so on.  The question is, "What exactly DO we need to document and HOW can we do it quickly and affordably?"

That's my mission - to educate chiropractors on what to document and how to document.  This website exists to let you know when and where I'll be teaching this stuff.  It also gives you some tools to help along the way.  I personally use every item that is mentioned on this website in my practice.  I know what it takes to document exquisitely well.  I know how to do it fast and cost-effectively.

I'd love to show you.

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