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Documenting SOAP Notes

SOAP Note Documentation

The problem with most of the computerized SOAP note programs that are out there is that there are 2 sets of faulty assumptions:

Faulty Assumption #1:
  The programmers assume that  
                                    chiropractors know how to
                                    document properly.

Faulty Assumption #2:  Chiropractors assume that the
                                    programmers know how we're
                                    supposed to document.

After evaluating countless electronic SOAP note programs on the market and being quite underwhelmed, I was approached by a software company in Florida that has been producing and selling software for chiropractors for the last 25 years.  They asked if I wanted to customize a SOAP note program they had and put my own twist on it.  After more than a year and a half of working on it, I gave it a run - and even I was amazed at what I was able to do!

I call it "Got Documentation SOAP Note Program."  When designing it, it looked through 3 different lenses:

1.  I've been in practice since 1987 and I've talked with a ton
     of chiropractors all over the country.  I have a good feel
     for the way most of us flow in our offices.

2.  I teach documentation seminars and have a thorough
     understanding of the various documentation
     requirements and nuances.

3.  I review records and perform IMEs for insurance
     companies for PI and WC cases.  I know what
     they're looking for and I understand their perspective.

To see more about the Got Documentation SOAP Note Program, please click HERE.

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