Poor documentation is costing more than you think.

People are frustrated and hopeless as they struggle to live everyday with an injury.

It's wasting your time and energy. It's bleeding into your time off at home. Chewing up your weekends and hurting your most important relationships.

What Can Outstanding Documentation Do For You?

There are so many benefits you'll appreciate.

Save Time
With the right software and processes, you'll be more efficient, only documenting the metrics you need.
Get Your Life Back
You'll appreciate how the right systems in place free you up to do things you actually like doing.
Eliminate Stress
No more letting documentation crowd out your best thoughts and relationships.
Stay Protected
When you have the right information on file, you protect your patients and your practice.
We spend years in college learning to be the best chiropractor we can be.

Hours upon hours are spent studying anatomy, physiology, neurology and the rest.  We practice giving each other adjustments until our hands are swollen.  We get good at adjusting patients - really, really good.

And then we finally get into practice.  Real patients.  Real miracles.

Most chiropractors would much rather spend their time learning a new method of treatment than on how to document properly.

We all know that we have to document better.

The question is, "What exactly DO we need to document and HOW can we do it quickly and affordably?" Got Documentation is the work of Dr. Gregg Friedman. He has spent the last two decades raising the profile of the chiropractic profession and helping individual chiropractors master their documentation. 

Gregg believes that by improving their documentation, a chiropractor can improve their lifestyle, reach more people, and even improve the reputation of chiropractors all around the world.

Attend A Got Documentation Seminar

Chiropractors can master their documentation. This is the first step to gaining respect in the medical community that we deserve. Equally important, excellent documentation will help you organize your practice, track your patient's progress and appease the demands of of all the various regulations and requirements. 

You'll be amazed just how quick and simple it is to track current and past data regarding pain and function.

Gregg Friedman is passionate about educating chiropractors about what to document and how to document.

This website exists to let you know when and where he'll be teaching his tools. It also gives you some tools to help along the way. He personally uses every item that is mentioned on this website in his practice.  He knows what it takes to document exquisitely well.  He knows how to do it fast and cost-effectively.

He can do the same for you so that you can focus more on treating patients and growing your practice.

Where Dr. Gregg Has Been Featured:

"I attended the seminar in CT last fall and purchased the Got Documentation system.

Let me just say that it is GREAT!  I have been using it all year long and my notes are perfect!  The attorneys, claim reps, and MD's that refer to me love the details and accuracy of the notes and find that myself and the chiropractic profession is represented well with complete and accurate documentation standards."

- Dr. D.S., Connecticut

"I really enjoyed the seminar, which was surprising, since it was on documentation.

The seminar was full of "must know" information. EVERYONE in practice NEEDS the Got Documentation Seminar. I purchased the soap notes software at the seminar and I have been absolutely thrilled. It is easy to learn and use. I KNOW my notes are great. I have been told by paralegals and a billing service that my notes are about the best they've seen."

- Dr. K., Georgia

From Feeling Constantly Overwhelmed To Getting Your Documentation Under Total Control

Here's How You Master Dr. Friedman's System
Attend A Seminar
You'll be inspired and equipped by Dr. Gregg as he shares his years of getting it done right.
Learn The System and Tools
You'll soon discover how the right documentation helps you feel like you've got your life under control, inside and outside of the office.
Master Your Documentation
A well-run office will be part of your launch you to getting the credibility you deserve.
Don't Let Documentation Take Over Your Life
Let's make it one of your best growth tools rather than the bane of your practice.
Attend An Event